The Wight Book was launched on the 7th June 2019 at Nunwell House and since then has received glowing reports from proud book owners.

You are invited to follow the News stories and join us on our journey including a glimpse behind the scenes,
on how this amazing publication was brought to life.

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-Friday 25 May: Quay Arts day for portraits.

Gary Wallis, leading portrait photographer, volunteers his time to tackle the task of ‘shooting’ The Wight Book writers.

“It’s vital to the high standards we are setting ourselves that we have a consistent presentation of portraits for our 22 writers,” explained Ben Wood, Photography Editor.


-Tuesday 5 June: Design management in the Crossprint studio.

“We have undertaken a massive task of presenting everything that’s ‘great’ about the Isle of Wight in 200 pages. Everyday we discover more fascinating businesses  and people who have chosen the Island as their base, so they can really enjoy a life/work balance”said, Brian Marriott, Head of Design Management.

-Thursday 21 June: meet the HEROES.

We are delighted to announce that the team behind the HIDDEN HEROES exhibition have agreed to provide their content for The Wight Book.

“It’s a perfect fit with the historical and educational story we are telling in our exhibition schedule around the Island,” said Virgil Philpott, Manager, Carisbrooke Castle Museum.

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