The Wight Book features 22 chapters, each written by leading Island figures, such as these 8 below.


Using spectacular photography and engaging first-person accounts, The Wight Book chronicles contemporary Island life. The Wight Book sets out to celebrate today’s Isle of Wight. With flare and faithfulness, it establishes a contemporary record of the Island, here and now. It showcases Island excellence in all its forms.

“Over half of the geographical area of the Island is in the ownership of the National Trust”
Stunning Landscapes 
by Professor Robin McInnes

“In his novel Julian Barnes makes the
whole Island a theme park

Cultural Heritage by Dr Brian Hinton

“The perfect playground”
The Playground of the South by Jeremy Gee

“The Isle of Wight is the true home of sailing”
International Sailing Centre by Gail Willows

“Our airfields are geared for leisure
and pleasure sector flying”

Infrastructure by Steve Porter

“You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to do e-business anymore”
Communications & Media by Alan Marriott

“In the 70s the Island was the home of a nascent electric car industry”
The Spirit of Innovation by Geoff Underwood

“The largest wind blades in the world are made here”
Progressive Industries by Janet Stephens

A fertile ground for entrepreneurs and new business ventures.
Entrepreneurial Environment by Ben Rouse

“The largest solar energy generation per head than anywhere else in the UK.”
Ecolution by Colin Palmer

“Charles Darwin chose the Island as a place to begin work”
Ecology by Ian Boyd

“It’s no accident that the Island has featured in fiction and film”
Fascinating History by Professor Paul Richardson

The Island lifestyle, climate, way of life attracts and cultivates creative talent.
A Canvas for Creativity by Brian Marriott

“As residents of the Island we benefit from the abundance of lifestyle opportunities created by the holiday industry.”
A Holiday Lifestyle by Simon Dabell

“We’re not bad at putting on the odd festival!”
Great Wight Events by Robin Courage

“The Island is cool again”
Natural Enterprise by Natasha Edwards

“You can enjoy a tipple as you watch the distillers in action”
Dine the Wight by Tim Addison

“So much of our well-being is about connecting with nature”
Wellbeing by Kim Buckland

“A rich tapestry of community groups and charities”
Community by Nick & Nicky Hayward

“The uniqueness of the Island’s environment cultivates life’s learning process at an early age”.
A Learning Community by Rachel Randall

“Just 30 years ago Country Life pronounced the Isle of Wight to be one of the more unpopular areas to live….look at it now”Living Space by Richard Dickson

“The right product, at the right time, at the right place,
for the right people”

Working Space by Chris Scott

The Wight Book importantly features A Call to Action Directory that will help service the inevitable enquiries the book will generate.

By promoting today’s Island, The Wight Book serves as a reminder to Islanders and those on the
mainland and beyond that this is a progressive place to live, work and play.


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