Celebration of the Isle of Wight has been delivered to Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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The Wight Book which is a ‘Celebration of the Isle of Wight’ has been delivered to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to wish him a speedy recovery from his COVID 19 experience and congratulations for his new child.

But also a Wight Book was delivered to Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care for putting the Isle of Wight firmly on the map. “Where the Isle of Wight leads the UK follows” said Mr. Hancock. If anyone didn’t know where the Isle of Wight was……they do now!

Over 50 surgeons from around the world were to hold a ‘ Surgical 60 Conference’ at the Royal Yacht Squadron in May, but unfortunately it was cancelled. Instead, Brian Marriott and Ben Wood delivered a talk on a Zoom conference session on how the Wight Book evolved and how its sales are helping to support Island charities.

The Organiser, Jeremy Tait said. “Dear Brian & Ben. Thank you very much indeed for participating in this evenings conference. Very positive feedback from the audience. All great and a superb video. (he film was Created by Ben Wood and can be seen on www.thewightbook.co.uk)

Further to that, at the Wight Book office: “We’ve just received an interesting spike in online sales of the book from all over the UK, which coincides with this conference” said Gilly Hall.

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